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Sveta Nedilja apartments

Sveta Nedilja

Sveta Nedjelja

Sveta Nedilja (Holy Sunday in English) is a small village on the southern side of the island of Hvar, below St. Nicholas (the island's highest peak - 626 m) and about 12 km east of the Hvar town. There are about 150 inhabitants, mostly live from viticulture, olive-growing and tourism.

Cave, which is situated above Sveta Nedilja village, was inhabited in the Neolithic Age. The Augustinians built a monastery and small church in the cave in the 15th century. They left monastery in 1787, but church was in use until another church was built in the village (1823). Today, only the monastery church and a part of a shell of a monastery are preserved. Visitors can reach the cave easily and the view (to the island Korčula and open sea) from the cave is spectacular. The new church was dedicated to St. Spiridon, patron of Sveta Nedjelja, celebrated on December 14th. This church contains oltar painting "Saint Jeronim in the desert" by Baldassara d'Anne (1572-1646), and the cemetery chapel contains the painting "Crucifixion" by Juraj Plančić, a famous Croatian painter (1899—1930).

Sveta Nedjelja, a well-known centre for production of the best red wines, is grown by vineyards. The most famous wine is Plavac Mali (small Plavac in English) which has the reputation of being the best wine of the island of Hvar and one of the best Croatian red wines.

The coast around Sveta Nedjelja has several little bays with fine pebble beaches. Here you can enjoy intact nature and clear sea. The village is approached from the beach along a winding path which runs through a small pine wood. There are a taxi boats to the nearby island of Šćedro (where is a naturist beach) and a possibility of fishing, windsurfing and recreational hiking to the cave on the top of the hill. Near Sveta Nedjelja the island is full of rock walls and there are numerous fixed free-climbing paths, so it is a very popular free-climbing destination.

In Sveta Nedjelja you can find accommodation in a high quality private apartments and rooms. Here you will find a small market and a few restaurants as well.

Welcome to Sveta Nedilja!

Sveta Nedilja

Sveta Nedilja village

St. Spiridon church, Sveta Nedjelja

The beach in Sveta Nedjelja

The beach in Sveta Nedilja


Port in Sveta Nedilja

Sveta Nedjelja

Free-climbing path

Sveta Nedilja apartments

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