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Sućuraj - apartments


Panorama of Sućuraj

Sućuraj is a small scenically fishing and tourist town and (also) a harbour which is located on the east cape of Hvar Island; where the island reaches the land at it’s nearest point (5 km). It is located on a place where the crystal clean sea of Hvar Canal and Neretva Canal are merging in a magnificent décor of Biokovo mountain and Makarska Riviera, Brac Island, Peljesac Peninsula and Korčula Island.

The town consists of two parts: Gornja Banda and Donja Banda. Gornja Banda is located on the north side of the harbour, and Donja Banda on a small peninsula on the south side; between the harbour and Česminica Cove, where the main beach is located. A fertile field stretches to the end of the harbour from its end to the west and it’s highly populated since antiquity. The Gornja Banda is also populated since the antiquity and Donja Banda since the 15th century. The inhabitants mostly deal with fishing, tourism and agriculture (especially olive-growing and viticulture).

Sućuraj is attractive to tourists mostly for its unspoiled nature, thick vegetation and a large number of beaches. The place is filed with palms, tamaris, pine trees and other Mediterranean plants. The area is surrounded with olive groves, vineyards and massive woodland. The climate in Sućuraj is highly pleasant: the summer period is long, dry and hot and the summer winds called maestral and tramontana provide pleasant cool refreshment.

Sućuraj is encompassed by sea on its three sides and it has more than 25 km of shore with a large number of beautiful and scenically beaches. The most popular beaches in Sućuraj are:
Česminica – the main local beach (on the south side), 200 m from the centre, with sandy base and a pebble, concrete and rocky shore. There is a coffee bar on the beach and you can find a shower nearby.
Bilina – a pebble-rocky beach (on the north side), 500 m from the centre, with a view on Makarska Riviera, mostly known for its crystal sea in all weather conditions.
Perna – a sandy cove on the south side, 1.5 km from the town, with a shallow bottom, rocky shore and a thick pine wood whose tree tops are partly above the sea level.
Mlaska – a sandy cove on the north side, 3 km from the town. The bottom is shallow and sandy and the shore sandy, rocky and concrete. In Mlaska you can find a camp with a restaurant, shop and some showers. Mlaska consists of Velika Mlaska (textile area) and Mala Mlaska (FKK).
Mrtnovik (or Mrtinovik) – a pebble and rocky bay on the south side, 10 km from Sućuraj.

Accommodation is available in a hotel, private apartments, family pensions, rooms and in the camp. The tourist offer includes quality restaurants with fish, meat and vegetarian specialties. All aforesaid you can find in a few hundred meters area so there’s no need to use a car. Each day, during the tourist season, there are boat trips to Makarska Riviera, Pelješac Peninsula and Korčula Island. Thanks to the close nearness of shore and good traffic connection, diurnally trips to Dubrovnik, Međugorje and Split are plausible.

There are many sport-recreational activities offered for tourists in Sućuraj (fishing, cycling, sailing, diving, football, bowling...). Smaller floating vessels and bicycles are free to rent. Sućuraj Harbour is sheltered from wind and well equipped, so many yachtsmen and ferry boats frequently drop there.

Sućuraj exists for more than 2300 years and it has been numerously destroyed and rebuild through its history. The first known inhabitants of Sućuraj were the Illyrians and their queen Teuta had a castle in Sućuraj in the 3rd century BC. In the 7th and 8th century Sućuraj was being populated by the Croats, who had been living in the town until present time. The oldest well conserved structure in Sućuraj is the old Augustinian monastery (a Franciscan monastery today). The exact date of its construction is unknown, but the year 1309 is though to be the year of its restoration. Sućuraj gained its name by St. George’s Church, which is mentioned by the Hvar legal statute from the year 1331 (the church was destroyed at the end of the 19th century, when a new one was built.) A large number of Sućuraj inhabitants came from the coast in the 15th century, while running away in front of the Turks. The baroque church of St. Anthony, from the year 1663, has been preserved from that period. The old Venetian fortress (fortica), from the year 1613, has also been partially preserved.

Panorama of Sućuraj

Parish church of St George in Sućuraj

The part of Sućuraj Harbour from the air

St Anthony's church in Sućuraj

Narrow street in Sućuraj

Lighthouse in Sućuraj (east cape of the Hvar Island)

Sućuraj, island of Hvar

Early morning in Sućuraj


Cesminica Beach

Mlaska Beach

Sućuraj, Hvar Island

Sućuraj, the island of Hvar

In the centre of Sućuraj





More about Sućuraj at Sućuraj homepage.


Sućuraj - apartments

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